Urban Lab fosters knowledge exchange and collaboration around innovative approaches to building thriving urban environments. The program delves into the potential of nature-based solutions to improve health and well-being of citizens and create more sustainable and equitable cities. It explores the growing importance of participatory urbanism, encouraging citizens’ active involvement in shaping their urban environments. Syncing with the Mikser Festival’s topic of Microtactics, Urban Lab will also examine successful examples from national strategies to tactical urbanism, investigating how temporary and low-cost interventions can catalyze much bigger positive change in cities.

The program is inspired by the methodologies and goals of two European projects: euPOLIS and HEART, and supported by the local partners in Belgrade: EnPLUS, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Women’s Architecture Society – ŽAD, Archinet, Pametni grad and Mikser.

Participation in the URBAN LAB program is free, with mandatory registration by filling out this form.

All sessions of the Urban Lab program are in English.