“Playful” is a triptych of black and white digital photographs taken on 4th May, 2020. in Belgrade, in front of residential buildings in Kraljice Marija Street, during the renovation of the plateau dedicated to the children’s poet Rasa Popov. The photos show children’s play, which takes place in front of our eyes, but also the play of light and darkness that takes place in our hearts, whether we are children or adults.

That being said, we and the children are equally playful – we are more often in our thoughts, fears, doubts, and fears, and the children are more often in their joys, desires, and hopes. In that respect, childhood is evoked here as a source of sincere hope and unconditional love, unfettered/unconstrained by the burden of life experience.



Ana Batricevic (born in Belgrade in 1985) is a senior research associate at the Institute for Criminological and Sociological Research in Belgrade, where she has been working since 2009. She is the author of several scientific monographs and over 100 scientific papers. She is specially engaged in research projects that deal with the protection of human rights, the environment, and animals, and lately, she has been increasingly involved in alternative methods of resocialization of convicted persons. She has been intensively involved in photography for the last 5 years and connects it to the maximum with her research projects and uses it as a method during her research work. She is a member of the Photo Association of Serbia and the Photo Club Belgrade.