“Sparks” is a dual-channel video installation that invites the viewer on a journey through internal spaces and the hypnotic experience of transformation. Illuminated by abstract visual elements, this installation opens the door to transformation and awakening of inner light through an immersive experience. At the core of the installation lies the fusion of dance and animation, where dance footage merges with generated drawings and animations, creating a layered and dynamic composition that aims for transcendence. The performer, immersed in a hypnotic trance, becomes the central figure guided by rhythms, creating fluid movement that reflects internal change. The key element that adds magic to this experience is the “spark” effect, inspired by scientific experiments in “Cymatics.” This effect is achieved by recording particles of salt moved by sound and speakers. This technique, known in scientific acoustic experiments as “Cymatics,” serves as a visual representation of music and the spark effect. “Sparks” is not just a passive viewing experience but invites the viewer to join this journey, surrendering to rhythm, movement, and light, to find their own inner spark waiting to ignite. This installation is not merely an aesthetic experience but a call to introspection and transformation, encouraging the viewer to discover their deeper layers and potential for an immersive experience. 

Aleksandar Lazar

Aleksandar Lazar is a multidisciplinary artist whose works encompass  the worlds of visual and sound art. By concurrently engaging with theory, visual, and musical expression, he explores structural parallels between music and visual media, as well as ways of connecting and generating them. Inspiration for his visual works is drawn from diverse connections between sound and image, and his works can be categorized as synesthetic art, or “visual music.” He successfully finished finished his undergraduate and master’s studies in the printmaking department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He is currently pursuing doctoral-artistic studies at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade, where he works as an assistant in the Department of Digital Art. The focus of his doctoral-artistic work lies in conducting scientific-artistic research on sound visualization and the field of visual music. Immersed deeply in this intersection of art and science, he aims to deepen our understanding of the profound connections between sound and image, exploring new ways to combine these elements into coherent and meaningful artistic expressions.He has been awarded prizes for expanded media and innovative approaches to printmaking and has achieved numerous international and local collaborations with artists, and he has participated in international and local scientific/artistic symposiums and Art and Science festivals. Aleksandar invites the audience to embark on a transformational journey, transcending the boundaries of traditional artistic forms and opening new frontiers of creative exploration. Aleksandar’s work emerges when art, music, and technology unite, offering insight into the realms of synesthetic art.