dotdot is a digital art project that seeks to encapsulate the frenetic energy and relentless pace of contemporary urban life. Through a animation confined by a square boundary, viewers are welcomed in a landscape of rapidly moving dots. The grid like shape serves as a metaphorical framework, symbolizing the structured nature of society. Yet, within this framework, the dots move with seemingly random trajectories, reflecting the unpredictability and disorderliness of modern life. As the dots dart across the screen, there is a palpable sense of urgency and restlessness. The number of dots in constant motion overwhelms the senses, mirroring the overwhelming volume of information and stimuli bombarding individuals in today’s world. dotdot invites viewers to contemplate the implications of such a fast-paced existence. In a society where time is a scarce commodity and moments of stillness are increasingly rare, it becomes challenging to pause, reflect, and discern the larger patterns at play. 

Luka Kustudić

Luka Kustudic was born 1997 in Vrbas. From early age he got interested into music. He graduated at FTN Novi Sad, been freelancing ever since, in Sound Design and 3D niche. So far he has been looking for a best way to combine his love for sound and weird visual eyecandys. In the meantime he got into node based programs and visual coding. At the moment he spends most of his time creating audio reactive setups, and expressing myself in various visual digital techniques. He is interested in creating real time interactive exhibitions.