The processes of migration, which begin deep inside, continue with a succession of moves in search of a more stable position in time, in circumstances that previously seemed impossible. I am sure that one can feel like a migrant  even in one’s own country, in one’s own home. One of the first things I bought in Turkey was a set of plastic dining chairs, based on the principle of ‘something you can’t spare’. Despite appearances, the chairs were comfortable, but they were of very poor quality and broke after a few days of use. This led to an accumulation of broken chairs on the balcony. There is a saying in the design world that every designer goes through the ordeal of designing a comfortable chair once in their life. I, on the other hand, by working with an already broken chair, made it fundamentally uncomfortable. To use a metaphor, I think this is the only possible  chair at the moment. Although it has a hint of the comfort attributes of conventional furniture,  it represents a complete rejection of commodification. Stripped of all its functionality, it ceases  to be a commodity and becomes a marginal object in the domestic world of things. In this work I also reflect on the question of form and material. What is art without a geographical reference to a place of residence and the certainty of tomorrow’s location? 

Daria Goncharova 

Goncharova Daria, born in 1993. Is an interdisciplinary artist. Currently lives in Belgrade. She uses participatory methods in her projects, often involving interactions with strangers. She graduated from the Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in 2015. Since 2022 she has been studying at the Institute of Contemporary Art Josef Bakstein. In 2021, she became a participant in the participatory, inclusive project Tact, whose final exhibition included part of a larger project, Unrecognition, dedicated to the problem of social  communication. In 2021 a part of the project ‘Worlds i[i] ‘ was shown in a group exhibition in the halls of the New Tretyakovka, Moscow, followed in 2022 by a solo exhibition of the project in Samara and a  solo exhibition of a part of the project entitled ‘Other’ in the museum-residence  Artkommunalka in Kolomna. In 2024 she had a solo exhibition “Pseudonyms” in Belgrade, Serbia. Daria’s work has been shown in galleries in Berlin, Helsinki, Belgrade, Yerevan, Podgorica,  Bishkek, Moscow and the Moscow region, St Petersburg and Samara.