The video is concerned with flying the flag indoors and recording it. The constant recording of the cameras surrounding the public space transforms the integrity of everyday life into visual memory. The movement of the flag determines the memory of the cameras facing the flag flying in the interior. While the draft is created by the mutual air flow produced by the cameras that ensure the movement of the flag, it also causes fluttering when two cameras facing each other meet in a common area for the same reason. 



Ergin Soyal

Ergin Soyal is born in 1982, Turkey. He completed his undergraduate, graduate and  proficiency in art at Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Sculpture, Turkey. He works on video, sculpture, installation and performance art. He participated in many group exhibitions and received awards. He lives in Edirne, turkey and works as a lecturer at Trakya University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture.