„Sympoietic  bodies“ (2020) je umetničko-filozofski projekat predstavljen kroz filmski medijum, koji istražuje narušavanje granica između ljudskog tela i njegovog društvenog i fizičkog okruženja. Flavia Mazzanti, born in 1994, is a multimedia artist living and working between Vienna and Sao Paulo. Her work explores artistic-philosophical concepts on post-anthropocentrism, entanglement, body and identity with the interest in providing alternative perspectives on ourselves and our environment. Listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 List of 2023, Flavia graduated with distinction at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, receiving the Gustav Peichl Award for architectural drawing and the Würdigungspreis for artistic work. Her works have been shown and awarded at multiple national and international exhibitions and festivals, among others the Ars Electronica Festival (AT), DA Z – Digital Arts Festival Zurich (CH), Museum Kunst Haus Wien (AT), ADAF – Athens Digital Arts Festival (GR),  m|i|mo – Museum of the moving image (PT). Her works are part of the Collection of the Vienna  Museum, the Art Gallery Room of Fine Arts in Graz, and of various private collections. Alongside her artistic individual practice, Flavia is co-founder of Immerea – an interactive media company focusing on the development of VR games and virtual installations – co-organizer of  XRVienna, and active as university lecturer and speaker at national and international symposiums  and festivals. 



Flavia Mazzanti

“Sympoietic Bodies” (2020) is an artistic-philosophical project presented through the medium film, which explores the disruption of the boundaries between the human body and its social and physical surroundings. The short film arises from the interest in combining a philosophical understanding of our bodies and their interaction with other beings in and within the constructed environment, with the exploration of new technological possibilities in the experimental and animation film context. The strong entanglement and interrelation among the artistic-philosophical concept and its visual translation through the use of different technologies, makes almost impossible to talk about one element excluding the other one and vice-versa. Animation is here used as a sociopolitical tool, where the hybrid use of computer-generated animations and digital shootings aim to provide different perspectives on ourselves and our environment, while creating a continuous interplay between an anthropocentric and a post-anthropocentric point of view. In this sense, the film experiments a post-anthropocentric scenario related to a nowadays society, where the human body gets decentered and deconstructed in its whole. The plot shows glimpse of the life of “C”, inhabitant of an urban configuration, and details of her interaction and perception within the urban environment. Everything in the film comes from the physical world and has been further elaborated in the digital. Different technologies have been involved in the process, such as digital camera, motion capturing photogrammetry, point cloud scan, kinect camera. These different data have been further elaborated in CGI, where the virtual camera acts as a link between the physical and the digital.