The impulse of a body can be understood as the effort of that body to continue moving in the same direction and direction, if no external force acts on it. The paintings from this cycle are a conditional return to abstraction. Almost mechanical drawing of lines with an accent on the present moment. The line made now remains forever in its fullness, intensity and the power it carries – as part of some kind of wider picture, it remains a woven proof the passage of time. Acceptance of transience and imperfection strongly affects the end result. Deeper thought processes can be observed only with a later review of both individual images and the whole series. These works are markers of a more absolute time. The finished images are the conclusions of the process creation. Condensed moments of heavy silence emerge from the binary values of the lines. Dark-light ratios, sharp-soft, rough-smooth as well as colored-monochrome activate sensitive emotional values. process. The flickering surfaces draw us into their relationships and contribute to making the images seem familiar to us, and still unseen until now. 

Goran Vitanović

Goran Vitanović was born in Belgrade on June 1, 1977. He graduated from the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of Professor Dragan Jovanović. In 2000, he stayed in Thessaloniki at the Aristotelis University as a guest student in the class of Professor Manolis Janadakis. Organized six major solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions. Goran Vitanović’s drawings and paintings are in private collections around the world. Crteži i slike Gorana Vitanovića nalaze se u privatnim zbirkama širom sveta.