The digital graphics “Do you like what you see?” depict pixelated vulvas. The key aspect of this work is the degree of pixelation, where I aimed to find the exact balance in abstracting the shapes so that they hover at the edge of visibility. My intention was to transform a “bold” motif into a gentle abstract scene with minimal intervention. The flesh tones and oval shape emphasize the meditative character of the digital graphics. Pixelation in the age of digital imagery serves as a form of censorship. Today, in digital media, content related to the naturalness of our bodies is censored, while those same bodies are used to promote certain products for profit. In an era of hypersexualization and fetishization of objects and bodies, I consider it crucial to reexamine what we censor and how we do it. In a time of polarization of social norms and conventions, is censorship still necessary and meaningful? Censored spaces leave room for further imagination and sometimes draw more attention to the very thing we intended to conceal. This series of digital graphics raises questions about what is sensational, what offends public morality, whether the rawness of genitalia can be less invasive than the advertisements that surround us, and what the balance is between provocative eroticism and invisibility. 




Jana Jovašević

Jana Jovašević, born in 1995, earned her BA and MA in Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in the class of Prof. Radoš Antonijević and Mrđan Bajić. She is the winner of the “Vladeta Petrić Vajar” award and holder of the Erasmus scholarship of the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris. She was a participant in the international multimedia art colony in Tršić (2022) and an artistic resident at the “Tropical lab17” at the LASALLE College of Arts in Singapore (2023). She has exhibited solo (Šok Gallery, Novi Sad; USlLJS Kornjača, Belgrade) and in group shows (“Masterpieces V” U10 Art Space, Belgrade; “Blue Exhibition”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade; “Inter/Akcija2023” Salon of the Museum of the City of Belgrade, Belgrade; Stone house, Banja Luka; “Attitudes and Forms 02”, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad…). Some of the topics she addresses in her work are physicality, sensuality, pleasure, censorship, and sexuality. The question of the symbolic value captured in the subject, trivialization and hypersexualization and self-appropriation of heteronormative behaviour is also one of the main themes in her work.