“Doomsday lingers, yet I create,” explores the dark and surreal backdrop of end times. The exhibition combines existentialism and optimistic nihilism, focusing on despair, resilience, and the art of coping with mortality and the potential collapse of our world. Through a fusion of various artistic mediums and visual elements, the artist constructs a powerful vessel that conveys the profound emotional landscape of living in an unknown future. Each piece reflects a distinctive belief system, offering nuanced reflections on various topics, including technology, mental health, science, philosophy, religion, and sociology. The exhibition challenges preconceived notions and imprints a profound sense of connection to our shared fragile existence. 

Jax Hunnicutt

My name is Jax Hunnicutt, I am a 19-year-old, self-employed, and self-taught artist born in America with formative years spent between Slovenia, the USA, and Hungary. My primary artistic focus is in the realm of visual arts, including but not limited to painting, sculpture, illustration, mixed media, photography, and videography. Additionally, my upbringing in a musical household has prompted me to explore audio media, especially with my history of various stage productions both on and offstage, I compose and produce my music for personal projects. Needless to say, I love to create and design in every aspect of my life even the most mundane things. Here is also my current artist statement: My artistic journey unfolds within the realms of visual art and mixed media, drawing inspiration from the paradoxes inherent in nihilism, the haunting fear of inevitable death, and the poignant reflection on living through the end times. Through my work I navigate the intricate relationship between despair and resilience, exploring the ways in which individuals cope with the harsh realities that encompass mortality and the potential collapse of our world. The fusion of diverse materials and visual elements serves as a vessel for conveying the profound emotional landscape of existence in the face of an unknown future. I aim to provoke contemplation on the fragile beauty of life and the profound uncertainties that shape our human experience.