A Lunch In Quarantine Characterized by Texthermeneutical failures

First, I developed a concept to artistically reflect and film a closed chamber play as a Brechtian “Huis Clos” between police officer and demonstrator in the state of emergency of the home, home or home office. Sometimes they are close, sometimes they are strangers in the powerful linguistic spectacle of exponential growth and shrinkage of complex facts into simple explanations. The relationship between two people in an emotional dialogue as a reflection of a global crisis becomes a test under quarantine conditions. 

Jos Diegel

Inspired by the means of situationism and lettrism Jos Diegel plays, entertains and deals with socio-political and normative-narrative structures and understands his cheerful, a-disciplinary experimental science in negotiating and creating concepts and projects with video art & installations, new media, analogue and digital film, painting, performance, wrestling and theater. He lives and works in Leipzig and Offenbach. The artist engages as well as in solo and group works and teaches art and film to adults, children and young people at art schools, summer academies, art associations. His diverse projects, performances, video works and artworks have been presented at Festivals, Spaces and in Gallerys in Frankfurt, Berlin, Bozen, Hamburg, Bonn, Leipzig, Dessau, Dresden, Amsterdam, Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Zürich, Athens, Paris, Clermont Ferrand, Nova Gorica, Plovdiv, Rome, Trapani, San Francisco, New York, Detroit, Torrance, Sherbrooke, Shanghai and has been awarded with serveral grants, residencies and awards for his projects.