The Dog Life Limited project addresses the problems of modern society by questioning narratives such as new media and social media communication. “Limited” in the title of the project indicates that it is a version of the original work that was exhibited on 40 mobile phones in 2022 as part of a doctoral thesis and is intended as a kind of unique performance. This video was created from all the photos that were exhibited at the time. The term Dog Life alludes to the theme of the video’s content, not literally but figuratively. Such an expression has always been used in the people for an unhappy and difficult life, and with that wordplay the dogs that appear in the video are symbolic representations of man and his role in society. The video consists of a background that rotates constantly in a loop and is composed of all the photos that were created for the needs of the project and sporadically during the video we can see a photo of a dog for 1 second. All photos were taken with a mobile phone, and subsequently edited into a video. This display should imitate or demonstrate what daily processing of information on social networks looks like. The ultimate goal of such a project is to review the importance of social networks and how it affects human development. 

Jovan Marjanov

Jovan Marjanov was born in Belgrade. First interest in photography dated in 2000. Started his Photography studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2004 where he got the Master degree in 2010 in the class of professor Branimir Karanović. During his studies he worked in the Serbian National Agency TANJUG where he started showing interest in documentary photography. Member of Art association ULUPUDS from 2021. So far, he has organized exhibitions in the Balkans and Europe, and from 2016 he has stared teaching photography at the Faculty of Art in Kosovska Mitrovica in the Graphic Design department“I am committed to the explorations of all photography techniques, creation of photo stories as well as documentary projects that consider the problems of a human being and his position in modern society. My goal is to continue developing my documentary and photography skills as well as skills of research and creation of concepts in art through an interdisciplinary approach.”