This artwork, like the whole “PHENOMENA” exhibition, is a narrative experience that focuses on some paradoxical phenomena, having as a setting a greek urban landscape. A peculiar entity invades the space and spreads intrusively, disrupting the ordinary. Within this environment, human presence becomes apparent through its absence but also through the human-made traces that are left upon the urban surfaces, graffitis and slogans, as a way of expression. Traces that are reminders of the everyday reality, of important events that are often being overshadowed or twisted by the media. The urban landscape is being appropriated by the human traces, in order to expose the way of being, existing and struggling; but is also appropriated by the allegorical, peculiar entity that invades the anthropo-scene, an actually already human-invaded landscape. These phenomena suggest a state of confusion between present and future, the identity and the agenda of the occasional invader, facts and desires, physical and digital; a condition of waiting for what is yet to come. A constantly superimposed palimpsest of human history’s depraved reality. 

The artwork aims to combine art and activism into artivism by leaving the viewer with one thought in their mind, “if only dystopia was just associated with fiction”. Created during 2022-2023. 


Lia (Evangelia) Mori

Lia (Evangelia) Mori is a visual artist and mosaicist with a MArch and MSc degree in Architecture from the N.T.U.A.. Her practice and research combine the theoretical, technical and aesthetic aspects of architecture, visual arts, activism, literature and academic research. Her first solo exhibition “PHENOMENA” took place in 2023. She has participated in various group exhibitions, symposiums and festivals. She collaborates with Voim Ateri as an Athens-based duo whose work is based on integrating sound, visuals and programming languages.