The project aims to utilize AI tools to design a garment for Bjork made from a specially invented biomaterial, representing an innovation. This biomaterial, derived from 100% cellulose obtained from bacteria and yeast in a unique process, is my own innovation. Using AI tools, a dress has been designed specifically for Bjork. While this project is a personal endeavor, it has already gained an online presence and has been featured in several media outlets, including the inaugural issue of Vogue Adria. 

I aspire to launch an online campaign to fulfill my childhood dream of meeting Bjork and having her wear my creation. This campaign will focus on promoting the project and garnering public attention for this unique design and innovative biomaterial. 

Maja Halilovic

As a biodesigner with eight years of experience, Maja Halilović has delved into the fascinating realm of living organism SCOBY and biomaterials derived from organic waste. Recently, her  endeavors were recognized with the prestigious gold award in South Korea for my innovative creation, the “Biocandle” crafted from biomaterials sourced from organic waste. This accolade was bestowed upon her at an esteemed ceremony hosted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and organized by the Korean Women Inventors Association (KWIA). 
Adding to her accolades, she clinched a bronze medal at the 75th international innovation exhibition “IENA” held in Nuremberg in 2023. The previous year also saw her honored with the MADE IN BIH AWARD for my outstanding contributions to product development, technical engineering projects, and green innovations. 
Since June 2023, she has been an active member of the Association of Innovators in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ardently contributing to the vibrant innovation ecosystem. Her passion for sustainability led her to explore the potential of coffee waste as a valuable resource, paving the way for its repurposing into biodiesel, high-quality heating bodies, and other biomaterials. 
In recognition of her commitment to innovation, she received the award for innovative women’s entrepreneurship and was honored with the Balkan Green Ideas BiH award in 2022. Her work has been showcased in renowned cities such as London, Ljubljana, Brno, Cologne, Belgrade, and various cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina.