The “Bauhaus Time Traveler Strippers” project is an art installation /web application to explore the use of time travel in the adult entertainment industry. Drawing on the innovative spirit of the Bauhaus movement, this project examines how futuristic technology might aesthetically influence entertainment forms. This uses a blend of digital, interactive, and generative AI elements to simulate an speculative future use of of time travel. Visitors can interact with technology that allows to have a voyeuristic vision of time travellers working as strippers with Bauhaus inspired costumes. 

This is the app: can be shown as a one channel video and or as an interactive installation. 

Marlon Barios Solano

Marlon Barrios Solano is a Venezuelan-American interdisciplinary artist, creative technologist, researcher, and educator based in Berlin, blending the realms of dance improvisation, software engineering, awareness practices, cognitive science and generative AI. His approach to art involves a deep exploration and understanding of knowledge systems, particularly how they intersect with embodied cognition, complexity theory and emergence, generative improvisational movement, creative coding, queerness, computation, and deep learning. His work explores the aesthetics of change.Marlon creates generative systems with synthetic video and images, bodies, bits, code and text, allowing for the emergence of complex patterns and behaviors from simple rules or/and massive AI models. This process reflects his interest in how knowledge and understanding can evolve and perform from the interactions within these systems interfaced and recursively entangled with cognitive entities. 

Marlon is the creator of and is artist and researcher/meditation teacher in residence at Lake Studios Berlin, Germany. He exhibits, performs, teaches and consults international.