PASSAGES is based on the testimonies of heroines of the SOMOS MULHERES, a peer-based association focused on women who experienced homelessness in Lisbon. They share stories about their livelihoods, their struggles, their setbacks, and their triumphs – before, during, and after experiencing homelessness. The narratives have no beginning or ending; they reflect their different passages, with different odds and possibilities, while the sounds and images help the immersion in the experiences, faces, and places. 

The live audio-visual installation is envisioned as a slideshow of photographs and videos in synergy with a live musical performance using keyboards and electronics. 

Marta Fiolić

Marta Fiolić is a visual artist and researcher, with master’s degrees in History and Anthropology, pursuing a PhD in Cinema at NOVA FCSH in Lisbon, Portugal, where she is part of the working group on Cinema & Politics within the Laboratory of Cinema & Philosophy of the IFILNOVA.  

João Ferreira is a pianist and composer, with a BA in Music – Jazz Piano from ESML, currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Composition and Music Production for Cinema at the Lusófona University, in Lisbon, Portugal. 

After working together on various projects, they decided to form and co-direct a collective through which they can blend their aptitudes and share their social and artistic visions. This is how εntropiα was born, an art collective dedicated to the exploration and fusion of sound, music, and image, with a strong sense of social and community engagement.