This project consists of various artistic entities, one being the series whose name is the project title. It is a series of digital prints. Namely, based on photographs, and scenes from the movie ,,Terminator” drawings in traditional techniques were done and then digitally scanned and printed. These fragmented collages created by digital manipulation talk about possible scenarios of the future, where vast areas of land are taken back by nature. Secondly, there is a continuous sound installation. The music is taken from ,,Terminator”, namely the main theme music. Due to copyright reasons, I also have another montaged audio track that captures the eerie atmosphere of this artistic installation. 

Finally, an object-installation is incorporated into this piece, either on the floor or on a pedestal. It represents a broken, destroyed phone, buried in debris and dirt, numbered as if it were an archeological artefact. It is followed by a fictional text that describes how it was found in a deserted landscape, and the only file on it was the .mp3 music which is being played, as I mentioned earlier. With this work I want to draw attention to future trajectories of ecological problems and warn about the consequences. 

Mirjana Milovanović

Mirjana Milovanović (b. 2002) is a student of the third year at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, at the painting department. During her artistic process she combines digital and traditional media, merging one with another. In her work she uses humor, contingnecy and word-play to reprocess and explore themes of capitalism, human rights, ecological problems and mental health. 
In the past years, as well as now, her artistic practice has been centered around artbooks, where she explores themes of violence, war, society, as well as individual psychological states and reflects on them. 
Her other interests include animation, films, storyboard art, character design, comics and grafitti art, as well as history of art