This project is about our relationship with technology and how it has affected our ways of socialization. The result of the project is a photograph of a temporary public installation. The scene was photographed at the place of a former open-air cinema: Bašta bioskopa Beograd (Belgrade Cinema Garden). According to documentation from the Belgrade City Archives, the park in Bregalnička street number 5 was converted to a cinema in 1946, by building the projection cabin and screen-wall opposite to it. The cinema operated in summertime and stopped presumably after 1970, according to Serbian Cinematography Annuals. Since then it has been left as an abandoned building in a neglected public park. By the act of pinning 113 non-functional mobile phones on the former cinema wall I situate two different media for consumption of visual content into the same level. The main difference between these two is that cinema offers a shared experience, whereas mobile phones are used separately by each individual. During the execution of the work, I had a chance to meet local neighbors of different ages and talk about habits regarding mobile phone consumption and forms of socialization in relation to it. 

Olga Stanojević

Olga Stanojević  lives in Belgrade. She is currently studying new media art at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She is  dedicated to education, both personal and professional development.She is interested in connecting different fields of study and combining scientific andartistic research methods.