‘I AM THE INTERNET’ a digital drawing series,the author uses the ‘meme’ visual format to highlight intimacy that Internet can capture when used as a form of expression and communication. 

Originally used to form a view on a subject or to express an emotion, and (usually) funny while doing so, ‘memes’ have taken over the Internet throughout years and have acquired multi-layered and complex narratives during this process. These days, we spend less and less time to understand or ‘feel’ works of art, our desire to experience the euphoria of art as quickly as possible leads to the emergence of faster ‘consumable’ art forms-the intersection of memes and art. 

As a Gen-Z artist, the author uses representations of a digital collective mind and chooses herself as the subject. Sometimes the series makes the viewer feel the superficiality of the unconventional problems of its ‘producer’, sometimes it tries to make the viewer question the reason for the rebellions that are unaware of their existence, and sometimes it simply says for her what she cannot say in daily life. While the uniqueness of being a visible queer in Istanbul turns into over-sharing sentences in the artist’s seemingly simple thought streams, it gains a documentary quality in the eyes of the outside world. 



Syntia is a multidisciplinary artist and drag performer from Turkey. She alchemizes her emotions, opinions and beliefs into art, demonstrating a trans perspective to the material realm she lives in. 


She showcased her multidisciplinary performance ‘take me with you, akira.’ at Şahika. Her first solo exhibition titled “Die 4 You” took place at Şahika in 2022. Among the group exhibitions she participated are “ÇARK” ( KOLİ Art Space, 2022), “Arcade” (Bant Mag. Havuz, 2021) and “HOMEOSTAZ” (Hood Base, 2021). She started drag in 2019, expanded her vision through digital media during the pandemic and then returned to performing on stage. She is currently studying at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Stage and Costume Design while living and working in Istanbul.