The art piece continues to problematize the existence of patriarchal marriage, being someone’s property in a literal sense. 

That one housewife has her “own” micro space where the task is to maintain it according to the imagined standards of other housewives. However, in this case, she finds herself in a disintegrate industrial space symbolizing a mirror of lost opportunities. She is not allowed to work and earn her own money, thus deprived of any decision-making power; she belongs to someone. She misses the chance to experience anything beyond “her” micro world. She repeats things over and over again, but at the end of the day, all she can do is wait. She doesn’t know what she’s waiting for, doesn’t know what her desire is. 

The essential thing is for her to remain beautiful even as she waits for the end, allowing time to pass, as being an abandoned woman is not an option. 

I think it is important to note that she is not presented as a strong woman because she is going towards the release or realization of the problem. Many people generalize housewives as quiet women, while the situation is quite different, most of them seem very strong and even slaughter farm animals if they live on a farm. Their strength is underestimated, they are not weak, they are just not taught to do otherwise. 

Teodora Miodragović

Teodora Miodragović is a woman, age 21, with brown hair with a new haircut and with blue eyes. She has one life, she believes in herself and she does not recognize God as a man.  She likes charity work, but has never been arrested so it looks like she agrees with the system but she does NOT. She fights for her rights so not only does she go to protest but she also films them as a young devoted film director.  She has directed  4 feature films and has. won one prize for a fiction film even though she was filming the reality.  She has worked on the series in the director sector and the series was awarded in Cannes. (Sablja).