Expressive and gestural figuration combined with very intimate imagery, strongly inspired by the personal ghosts emerging from the subconscious, internal journeys and rituals, histories and secrets, emotional states and childhood, as well as the unexplainable metaphysics of life. This project tells a story about a lost home and the search for identity. To be lost and found in this perpetual life journey, seeking, exploring, understanding -composing, and decomposing personal reality! Characters are captured as frozen in the grid of time, silently trying to break free and escape. Figures are almost abstract, faces are partially defined and the focus is on the empty eyes. Through these shallow eyes staring straight at the viewer, a person feels questioned and provoked. When the disturbing contact is made one can travel to the invisible world – almost as if the portraits are mirrors, revealing who are we or making us wonder and reflect deeper about our existence. The colour palette ranges from burning red to green shades of the deep dark ocean, leading us into the underground levels of subconscious. Melancholic and silent, this project ultimately speaks of the human experience and all the beautiful ways in which sadness can manifest itself. 

Valentina Brostean

Valentina Brostean was born in Novi Sad, Serbia in 1983. After spending over a decade in Turin (Italy) she is now residing in Barcelona (Spain). Brostean holds a BFA in Graphic Design and an MFA in Illustration from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Novi Sad. Brostean is a multi-disciplinary visual artist with over 15 years of experience in the creative world, working both with traditional and digital mediums. Her bold, colourful style, often described as “new contemporary figuration” is striking for its use of courageous, unexpected compositions, a bold colour palette and unique, provoking imagery! In her work, she has been strongly inspired by all the aspects of human nature, exploring subconscious, emotional states, dreams, real and the surreal. Brostean is a master in deconstructing the obvious reality to reconstruct it again. She has developed her own, very personal technique and style – the result of a perpetual journey, a constant search for identity and complexity of meanings.