The inclusion of a surveillance system, a military radar developed specifically to monitor the movement of people along state borders, is, from the author’s point of view, the inclusion of the ultimate surveillance tool. Thus, on the one hand, we have technology that is a symbol of the complete militarization of state borders, and on the other, drops of water, which in a poetic way symbolize the transience, fragility and automation of the individual. The semantics of the materiality, surveillance and the drops of water that dissolve in the highly aesthetic, mirror pool in the gallery, directs the visitor to the dichotomy system -individual. The radar system of latently militarized postcolonial culture on the one hand, and the fluidity and ephemerality of the material, drawing attention to the bitterness of the regression of the individual into a statistical number. 

 In the project Walking on the Water, the author focuses on the global reorganization of the world caused by wars, climate extremes and economic opportunities. Through this thematisation, the concept of the nation-state is manifested as a historically surviving socio-political form, as the multinationality that emerges with migrants in national (nationalist) discourses constantly generating conflicts.The project consists of three parts: the control system, the cybernetic system and the pool as a sublime aesthetic object. 

Veljko Zejak

Veljko Zejak was born 1980. in Postojna. He lives and work in Belgrade and Ljubljana. Veljko works as an assitant on sculptural department of Academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana. He has art studio in Metelkova mesto in Ljubljana. 

 Veljko Zejak graduated in 2005 at the sculptural department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade , where he also completed postgraduate studies in the class of prof. Mrdjan Bajic. 2008/2009 he went to Paris as a French government scholar, where he continued his education like a visiting student at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris in the studio of prof. Richard Deacon. Since 2008 Zejak participates in several art residencies: Dusseldorf , Paris , Neumünster, (Germany) , Chungchun (China). He exhibited at 17 solo and over 50 group shows internationally. Zejak participated in international art fairs in Stockholm, Paris, London, and his works are in private and public collections of contemporary art. He represent Art association Hibrid, where he work on art, educational and socially engaged projects. Veljko is one of the artists working with gallery Kapelica Ljubljana.