An attempt at purification through yoga asana “salutations to the Sun” at the main waste disposal site of the city of Zagreb, at the Jakuševec garbage dump. The garbage mountain is a product of consumerist civilization, in the creation of which we all participate, but it is ideologically hidden from our eyes. 

An author performs Suria Namaskar or Sun Salutation on a main garbage dump of the city of Zagreb at the sun rise. The sound background of the film are the morning sounds of the dump, the author’s breathing and the speech of Slavoj Žižek. Žižek’s thoughts were the inspiration for recording the holy practice of yoga in the city garbage dump representing an authentic place where we can meet true reality of the Western civilisation. Somethimes it feels like one day all this civilisational trash that we are producing is gona fall out of the sky to our heads. 

Vjeran Vukašinović

Vjeran Vukašinović (Zagreb, 1979). 2011, I have graduated philosophy and comparative literature at the Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences in Zagreb (MA), 2023, I have graduated Animated Film and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb (MA). Director and cinematographer (co-authored with Ines Šulj) of the feature film “Destination Unknown” in 2011. (film won jury prize at the Vukovar Film Festival). I am author and director of several short films: “When it gets dark”, 2003; “Death of Central Cinema in Split” 2016.,”Sava, raka, tika, taka” 2018. I am author of several performances such as “Salutation to the sun”, 2021, awarded the main prize at the Festival of contemporary artistic practices ‘Treća koza’, Pula. In 2022, the performance “This is the coastal belt” was part of the project “Sculpting in Time: Fogin’s swimming pool, Karlovac, September, 2022. In 2023, my artwork “Biodiversion II” was part of the international exhibition “How to look at nature?”in HDLU, Zagreb. In the same year the artwork “Biodiversion III” was part of the group exhibition “Organic Intelligence” in Sira Gallery, Zagreb.