“Product: Love” should give the audience an “instruction” to express love and at the same time is a kind of ritual that is an ode to a relationship based on empathy and deep understanding. It arises from an unmet need and a great lack. The authors learn for a month to collect fragments of the love they share. What they collect, in the end, chooses its media which is analogous to the exercises that the authors design for themselves. They work together, but they don’t know what to expect from each other in the end. Together, they plan a performative encounter that exposes love fragments and teachings about them. I want to learn to make love.



Boban Zivanovic and Marija Iva Gocic had their first solo exhibition “I am a tyrant” in the gallery “Collective of Architects” in 2019. (curator-Marija Bjelic). Together they participated in the project “Epic CrowdContol” (author-Tamara Spalajkovic), an installation that was exhibited at the Belgrade Youth Center in 2019, as well as “Third World Sucks” (author-Nikola Markovic), a fashion show held in Vienna the same year. Their joint series of photographs “AMAN” was created in 2017. as part of the photography workshop “Out of the Box”.