Professor Jelena Matić is a visionary figure in Serbia, known for her exceptional contributions to the promotion of students and their education in sustainable and circular design. Her passion for sustainable design has not only impacted her students’ lives but has also inspired a new generation of designers to embrace environmentally conscious practices. Jelena’s work focuses on circular designs, circular economy principles, and design for sustainability, emphasizing innovation, creativity, and the integration of sustainable practices into educational curricula. Through her teaching at at the Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade and through initiatives like the “Young Balkan Designers” where she plays a pivotal role, Jelena has been instrumental in fostering education in the realm of sustainable and circular design, making her a driving force in shaping the future of design education in Serbia.

She actively promotes students’ works both locally and internationally, organizes workshops, and fosters connections between young experts and furniture manufacturers. Over a decade, from 2005 to 2015, she led successful projects that garnered nearly a hundred awards, including prestigious ones like the Award of the Salon of Architecture, Golden Key of the Furniture Fair in Belgrade, and awards from the Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade and ULUPUDS. Notably, her collaboration with the furniture factory “Simpo” resulted in four student pieces of furniture being included in the company’s production in 2010, showcasing Jelena’s impact and recognition in the industry.

Dorćol Platz - glavna sala

23. May