Design Camp 2021: Ghost Project “New Value”

As part of Mikser’s Design Camp 2021: Ghost Project “New Value”, young designers are encouraged to respond with their innovative solutions to the increased need to stay in nature and turn their experiences into projects that will reduce waste in our environment, giving it new use-value and contributing to raising awareness of the impact of consumerism and waste on the environment, and to point out the importance of circular design for its preservation, after a year of great slowdown caused by the global pandemic. The workshops within the Design Camp invite additional thoughts on the problems that not only nature but also man faces.

Ecological action “Your life is your deeds”

The idea of ​​this mini-ecological action is the initial introduction and rapprochement of students of the Faculty of Forestry from Belgrade and participants of this year’s Design Camp “Ghost Project: New Value”, and the action will include cleaning the yard of Zornić’s house and planting seedlings.

“Your life is your deeds” started last year as one of the numerous actions of afforestation, cleaning, and humanitarian actions held by the representatives of the Student Parliament of the Belgrade Faculty of Forestry on the occasion of marking the 100th anniversary of the Faculty of Forestry. life is your deeds “will mark the beginning of a joint mission in the natural environment of Zornica House.

Jelena Kosaric – Scout Association of Serbia

The subject of the workshop is the design and implementation of functional prototypes of objects that have use-value for life in nature, with the use of discarded raw materials: spent wooden pallets as basic and waste collected in the vicinity of Zornica house as additional material. The aim is to overcome the limitations imposed by the use of available materials used and to use all their attributes to make objects that can be used in the external environment.

During the workshop, the selected participants will be accommodated in the camp where their hosts and mentors will be members of the Scout Association of Serbia who will teach them the skills needed for camping in nature, and in addition to Marko Ivošević and Jelena Košarić from the Scout Association of Serbia, lecturers and mentors will be Volker Albus, design critic and curator from Germany, Jelena Matic prof. at the Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade, Kristina Cvejanov, waste expert, doc. Madlena Dasic from Metropolitan University…