Faculty of Applied Arts (FAA) – Belgrade founded over six decades ago as the first higher education institution in the field of Applied Arts. With its high professional standards, FAA paved the way for the establishment of other higher education institutions in the region and provided them with the standard they can measure against.

Following the program and the principles of the Bauhaus art school, the school of Applied Arts in Belgrade was founded in 1938, and it later evolved into the Academy of Applied Arts in 1948,
which was renamed Faculty of Applied Arts in 1973.

Today, the FAA is an artistic-scientific higher education institution with a clear physiognomy and orientation, on which a theoretical background is added to top artistic research, as an important segment. It should be noted that the FAA has found its place in the spheres of cultural, economic and industrial development of our society, with the establishment of increasingly intensive contacts with the world, joining the current development of art, especially in the field of applied arts and design.

The “Black Box” project was created in 2015 in cooperation with the Mikser Festival and the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade as a platform to support the development of young authors in the field of fine arts and the presentation of their work to the general public. In addition to the current topic, every year authors selected in a competition by an expert jury are presented. The main curator of the exhibition is Marko Ladjusic.

The project aims to point out the problems that burden young creators in the contemporary social context, their empowerment to express themselves publicly and contribute to the solution of social problems with their visions, and the improvement of life in the community. The project also emphasizes the importance of art installations in alternative urban spaces, their accessibility to a wide audience, as well as the connection of artistic practice with other spheres of life – science, technology, economy, and society.