The Algae-Powered Watch Concept AlgaTime is a revolutionary wristwatch that utilizes living algae as a sustainable power source. This eliminates the need for traditional batteries, reducing environmental waste and reliance on non-renewable resources. Speculative design of AlgaTime embodies a new direction in wearable technology, merging innovative biomimicry with everyday functionality. AlgaTime is a conversation starter, sparking curiosity and raising awareness about sustainable technology.

AlgaTime leverages cutting-edge advancements in bio-photovoltaic technology. The watch’s internal chamber cultivates microalgae, which undergo photosynthesis, converting sunlight into electrical energy. This energy is then harnessed to power the watch’s digital display and internal functions. bio-photovoltaic technology utilises transparent, biocompatible materials for the algae chamber, allowing for light penetration and optimal photosynthesis. Impact AlgaTime transcends its role as a timepiece. It signifies a paradigm shift toward environmentally responsible design.

AlgaTime koristi vrhunska dostignuća u bio-fotonaponskoj tehnologiji. Unutrašnja komora sata uzgaja mikroalge, koje prolaze kroz fotosintezu, pretvarajući sunčevu svetlost u električnu energiju. Ova energija se zatim koristi za napajanje digitalnog ekrana sata i unutrašnjih funkcija. bio-fotovoltaična tehnologija koristi transparentne, biokompatibilne materijale za komoru za alge, omogućavajući prodiranje svetlosti i optimalnu fotosintezu. Impact AlgaTime prevazilazi svoju ulogu časovnika. To označava promenu paradigme ka ekološki odgovornom dizajnu.

Ana Armano Linta

Ana Armano Linta a cultural creative, designer, and educator, completed her Design Studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb (MA in Design). Additionally, she educated herself in the field of design for sustainability in four dimensions through Gaia Education programs and participated in various multidisciplinary workshops and educational events (such as the Cambridge Biohackathon, Community Learning Incubator for Projects in Sustainability, etc.). She regularly showcases her work at both Croatian and foreign design exhibitions (including Milano Design Week, Cambridge Science Fair, Zagreb Design Week, Ambienta, Ljubljana Design Week, Skopje Design Week, Belgrade Furniture Fair, ULUPUH Gallery…). Ana has received numerous awards for her designs, which focus on education, social impact, and ecological sustainability. Among these are the first prize for ethical design (Zagreb Design Week 2018) for Opip&Shum, BigSEE awards in the category of small product design and small wooden product in 2019 (Opip&Shum), Co-Create winning product (Milano Design Week 2018) for Tilty, and the journalist award (Ambienta 2017) for AbOvo. She co-manages the architecture and design studio Armano Linta based in Zagreb.