AnyBuddy M1

This project aims to enable everyone to become allies in preserving local biodiversity. It involves the simple design of squirrel feeders/depots with an added playground function, made of easily accessible materials. The purpose of these modules is to provide squirrels with a space to store food they gather or as a source of it when it is scarce in their environment. This approach directly involves humans in the conservation effort, fostering a personal connection and awareness of biodiversity and coexistence with species belonging to the urban ecosystem. The construction involves using planks and waterproof OSB boards connected with simple woodworking techniques. The idea is to provide everyone with access to instructions and cutting lists via an online database so they can independently construct modules and place them in various locations within their yard, park, or neighborhood. Additionally, useful information about squirrel diet, behavior, and characteristics would be available, and the platform has the potential to become a space for sharing experiences and documenting the fight for biodiversity conservation through photographs. The Anybuddy m1 project aims to connect a large number of small endeavors into a bigger joint action which would lead to positive changes in urban ecosystems and help in rehabilitating the connection between urban dwellers and the nature surrounding them.

 Anja Rakonjac and Sofija Plavščić

Team name behind this project is AS in buddies / Anja Rakonjac i Sofija Plavščić