Like a microcosm, the Mediterraneorama work is presented in the legendary form of a flying carpet, to travel between different cultures. Like the sea, the textile prototype is a ‘transport surface’ that brings people together and reminds us that people, from whatever country they are should, never feel excluded on the shores of this sea. Like the papers of a myriorama depicting the flags of the coastal countries of the basin, the imaginary tool is a kilim made in the city of Fez, in Morocco. Each flag belongs to all the others and the bond of fabrics makes the countries similar through connections and diversity of colours. The national banners, shrinking and lengthening, redesign a west-east geographic plot and vice versa, symbolically cancelling kilometric and geopolitical distances. In fact, walking or lying down on the carpet involves several flags evoking the stratification and the iridescent cultural contamination of this area. The combination of colors generates possible chromatic relationships: for example the prevalence of the red can express courage but also spilled blood, while the large white ‘eastern space’ – that evokes peace in flags – unites Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

Leonardo Pilati

Leonardo Pilati is an architect and PhD in Landscape Architecture. He graduated from the School of Architecture in Florence, the city where he lives and works as a freelance designer and researcher. He has collaborated with numerous architectural firms, with which he has participated in international design competitions. As a subject expert in Interior Architecture and Urban Landscape Design he has supported the teaching activity in many laboratories of the School of Architecture in Florence. His approach to design arises from the creative root of architecture, moving towards an interdisciplinary margin where, from time to time, he redefines his field of action. Without stylistic dogmas he interprets the architectural project in the broadest possible sense and considers the imaginative process the starting tool to be found in the repertoire of tools for the project. Oscillating between research and profession at Mediterranean latitude, he produces architectures of various nature and materiality, of different spatiality and surface.

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