“Ripple Rhythms” is an innovative urban intervention that transforms underutilised areas of urban environments into lively microcosms of sustainability and community engagement. This study, which embraces the concept of “Microcosm,” shows how little changes can spark major improvements in urban settings. “Ripple Rhythms” is a paradigm change in urban design that emphasises inclusivity, sustainability, and community engagement. It encourages social cohesiveness and resilience while advancing environmental stewardship. Fundamentally,

“Ripple Rhythms” is a street furniture system that can be added to or subtracted to meet the various needs of metropolitan areas. Every component of the design is expertly made from eco-friendly materials, like repurposed wood and recycled plastic, to reduce its negative effects on the environment and advance the ideas of the circular economy. Because the furniture is modular, it may be arranged in a variety of ways to foster impromptu social connections and imaginative urban situations. By providing features that serve a variety of user groups, such as women, the elderly, people with disabilities, kids, youths, and underprivileged communities, “Ripple Rhythms” places a high priority on inclusivity.

Walter Lombard 

Walter Lombard, a graduate of the University of Johannesburg, is a self-directed and driven architectural professional with a comprehensive background in design and construction. Walter’s creative skills in collaborative and individual design are excellent which ensues from his passion for architecture and design. Relentless focus on the technical aspects of architecture, Walter has the ability to integrate his technical knowledge with design to achieve the most effective conscientious solutions to address complex challenges. His detail-oriented approach to architecture and the built environment developed him into a leading spatial practitioner. He has been among the finalists of the PPC Imaginarium competition and won the peoples choice award in the Novatop Timber competition. His work is habitual of superior quality and constantly seeks to advance the development of his skills through research and testing. Walter excels at combining logic and aesthetics to design spaces that are both functional and beautiful. He brings a technical rigor, passion for optimization, and expertise in AUTODESK REVIT, BIM (BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING), AUTOCAD, LUMION, ENSCAPE, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, AND SKETCHUP.