Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you were in a crowded subway during rush hour, having to respond to messages, change music, or simply navigate your route without taking your eyes off your phone? In today’s world, we are constantly drowning in the flow of information, existing in an

“additional reality,” and often not noticing the world around us, following our familiar path out of inertia. To improve the situation and enhance pedestrian safety, it is proposed to optimize pedestrian routes and introduce new markings specifically adapted for pedestrians, different from road markings for vehicles. Since pedestrians often look down, it would be convenient to provide them with all the necessary information directly on the road surface. Our design proposes using a bright line as a subconscious guide on the main pedestrian path, as well as symbols as visual accents at turns and key points along the route.

Elizaweta Kotkova and Ivan Elnikov

YAY design team focuses on design and unique technological solutions. Field of activity covers theory, industrial design and architecture. Members of the team, and authors of the Pedestrian Lights project are Elizaweta Kotkova and Ivan Elnikov.