“Care To Share” – an online platform that empowers local communities to share, rent, and borrow items instead of purchasing them outright. Our platform embraces the beauty and durability of items we already own, promoting sustainability and offering an alternative to buying seasonal goods. Through “Care To Share,” users can discover a diverse range of items available within their community, from special occasion attire to sports gear for outdoor adventures. Positive Impacts: By facilitating item sharing and rental, “Care To Share” contributes to reducing textile waste and CO2 emissions associated with the fashion industry.

In summary, “Care To Share” addresses the environmental challenges posed by the fast fashion industry by providing a sustainable alternative that encourages community collaboration and conscious consumption. Through our platform, we aim to foster a culture of sharing and reduce the environmental impact of clothing consumption, one rental at a time.

Zofia Chrabaszcz

Zofia Chrabaszcz, is  a multidisciplinary designer driven by a passion for design across various disciplines. Specializing in crafting captivating digital solutions, she integrates human-centered design principles into her work, ensuring a seamless user experience. Growing up in Berlin with Polish roots, Zofia hae been shaped by a diverse cultural background, fostering a deep curiosity and love for exploration. Her journey across Europe, spanning cities like London, Vienna, Berlin, and Warsaw, has provided invaluable experiences and insights into multicultural design practices. She hold a degree in product design from Ravensbourne University London, complementing her practical experience as a UX/UI designer. Fascinated by Don Norman’s approach to human and planet-centered design, she is deeply committed to creating solutions that prioritize sustainability and user well-being. She actively participates in the Climatebase Fellowship, where she focuses on understanding how different industries are reacting and creating solutions for the climate. Through this fellowship, Zofia has meet and collaborated with like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference. She is constantly seeking out new opportunities to expand my skills and deepen my understanding of user needs and the design process.