Today’s individuals are striving to shape their micro worlds through various means and resources, but the question is how to create a positive critical mass necessary for meaningful change?

The global landscape has seen the decline of traditional revolutions, and the technological revolution seems to be the only prospect, with rapid information flow potentially disrupting the status quo. However, this macro discourse has given way to a bipolar world, where divisions have become increasingly polarized.

Amidst the debris of unfulfilled revolutions and failed macro schemes, Mikser Festival 2024 will cast light on small but significant actions across the Balkan and Europe – MICRO TACTICS which serve as beacons of hope amidst the political and environmental challenges.

We will gather diverse protagonists of tactical practices: experts, amateurs, artists, decision makers, activists, entrepreneurs, scholars, workers, innovators, enthusiasts and citizens, and explore together show these seemingly fragmented approaches can be connected and harnessed to drive larger societal change.

Join us and learn how these seemingly small incremental changes in behavior, thinking or design can address burning local issues, trigger disruptive thinking and innovation, foster inclusion and collaboration, and really make a difference.

Welcome to Mikser Festival 2024!

Dorcol Platz

Dorćol Platz is a multidisciplinary artistic commune open to all creative people, a meeting place for all who advocate for cultural and social change. With its programs, Dorćol Platz influences the community through art, education, and projects that connect the domestic and foreign cultural sectors. By involving various individuals and groups, it aspires to become a center of sustainable development through culture, ecology, technology, sports, and science.

Prostor Miljenko Dereta

Civic initiatives founded the Miljenko Dereta Space at the end of 2019, to have a place for meeting, working, and cooperating with activists, informal and formal groups, and associations that aim to make the city of Belgrade a better place to live.

Dobracina 59, Belgrade, Serbia

Dobracina 55, Belgrade, Serbia

+ 381 11 45 44 354