Hugs after the storm

The twelfth edition of the Mikser Festival under the slogan Hug will take place for the second time in a row in the idyllic surroundings of the Zornica house, from 26th-28th May 2021.

The central program of the Mikser Festival will be the Think Tank International Conference, which will network prominent experts, activists, government officials, media, corporations, and representatives of international organizations on a common task – how to design and accelerate global recovery after a pandemic and what are the repercussions of the country and region? Has the pandemic helped us understand the concept of solidarity and sustainable development? Did it help us understand the importance of environmental issues? Are we sufficiently aware of the impact of climate change and engaged as a society, organizations, and individuals in the fight for a cleaner environment? To what extent is creativity needed precisely in crises and what is the future of the cultural system? Mikser talks will take place in the Installation – in a hall of 350 m2 in Zornica house. Concerning the allowed number of attendees at public gatherings at the end of May 2021, the number of spectators present at the venue is yet to be confirmed. The conference will be broadcast live via Mikser’s communication channels, as well as the communication channels of Mikser’s media partners.

Program units at the Mikser Festival 2021. will be: Mikser Talks, Art Zone, Mikser Music, Mikser Design, Mikser Media Hub, Mikser Workshops, Mikser Design Camp.

They say that comfort, warmth, and love are related to touch. Human beings are created to be in physical interaction with other beings. Social distance, during the harshest period in recent global history, did not only mean physical distance. It has, to a large extent, determined both the emotional imbalance and the reduced social, creative, and business capacity of individuals. The twelfth Mikser Festival, which will be held end of May in Zornić’s house near Belgrade, will be a festival of hope and optimism, with a strong desire to turn all missed hugs into new, positive energy. At the previous edition of the MF, with the help of more than 100 experts, activists, designers, and artists, we mapped the social, environmental, and legislative preconditions for creating a sustainable future after a pandemic, launching new initiatives and partnerships. It is time to present the results of the efforts so far and together make an action plan for the next steps. Seventy-two hours of uninterrupted dialogue between networked actors from almost all areas of social action will define the next Mikser Festival as a call for a general mobilization of all progressive forces. Topics are well known: better air, cleaner water, healthier soil, circular economy, improved legislation, social solidarity, sustainable design, strengthened culture.

If you need a Hug, join us!