Dutch designer Richard van der Laken is a guest of this year’s Mikser Festival

Richard van der Laken, designer and founder of the What Design Can Do platform, will be a guest of this year’s Mikser Festival, as one of the special speakers in a mini-cycle of lectures called What a Waste! New Values ​​at Design!


This is the second time we will see him at our festival, after he was a guest at the “Sensitive City” conference in 2016, where, among other things, he spoke about how design can change the quality of our lives and contribute to social well-being. In this way, the Mikser organization and the What Design Can Do platform initiated common priorities in raising awareness of designer responsibility and the impact of design on social change, thus beginning a collaboration that has been successful for several years dealing with topics such as design contribution to innovative life solutions. people on the move, such as the homeless, refugees, and migrants, but also in search of design answers to the challenges of consumerism.


Their recently completed #NoWasteChallenge competition as a global sustainable design competition highlighted the importance of raising awareness about caring for the environment, reducing consumption and waste, but also the goals and values ​​of sustainable design that the Mikser organization shares in its work and activities.


As the focus of the What Design Can Do platform for a decade has been not only on uncontrolled amounts of waste threatening the planet but also on encouraging bold and innovative ideas in this field, Richard continuously confronts various challenges on the global design scene.