Mikser Think Thank

The carrying segment of this year’s Mikser Festival, which takes place under the slogan Hug 26th-28th May in Zornica House, will be the Think Thank conference program.

In an effort to anticipate all global and local societal challenges and find solutions to existing ones, Mikser once again gathers a critical mass of experts, activists, decision-makers and representatives of the corporate world around crucial topics: clean water and air, healthy land, healthy urban living, as well as design innovations that should enable a sustainable future. This year, we pay special attention to social justice and the attitude towards the most sensitive groups in our society.

Along with prominent and dedicated experts such as Richard van der Aken, Dutch design activist “What can design?”, Albus Volker, German design critic and curator, author of the exhibition “Pure Gold”, Ladeja Godin Kosir, Slovenian heroine of circular economy, Istvan Keneres, Hungarian scientist and innovator in the field of urban waters, Daniel Podmirseg, an Austrian architect and founder of the Vertical Farm Mixer Festival, will be the only regional generator of transformation towards a sustainable and fair future for all!

On the first day, at the Green Agenda for the Balkans panel, we will continue to examine the achievements of the Serbian and regional economy in monitoring and implementing the European Green Agreement, how far we are from standards, how many resources we will have to invest in this green transition. the process we can expect.

Discussion Circular economy for local development will unravel whether the principle of circular economy is fair and equally applicable to all EU countries. Why did waste from environmentally conscious Europe end up in China, and what are the new destinations for European waste tourism?

A new life for sustainable packaging will bring top experts with invaluable experience in recycling challenges in Serbia. Are packaging sustainable if we do not have an efficient and sustainable packaging waste management system? Who is responsible for enabling packaging waste to be recycled instead of the environment? Why is eco-design important, and why eco-modulation? How will these two help make beverage packaging end up in recycling instead of in rivers and landfills?

The flywheel for sustainable business is a panel that will re-examine the apparently difficult and pandemic-slow year, looking for new and improved practices and business strategies – Are we afraid enough that the apocalypse is at the door to irreversibly turn the wheel of sustainable development? Has the coronavirus helped us notice that without sustainable management of people and resources, there is no sustainable business?

You are not alone is a burning topic of Serbian, but also global society: how do we treat victims of sexual violence? In recent months, the domestic public has been “bombarded” with news about famous men who used their social influence to silence their sexual victims, and on that occasion, society primarily dealt with the “guilt” of the victim. What does the life of people who came out in front of the public and said they were victims of sexual violence look like?