We invite young designers to the eco fashion workshop – Trend-shifters

Mikser organization and the Balkan Art Fashion Event are organizing workshops for young designers, which will result in a flash mob on Saturday, May 25, at the Mikser Festival. Raymonda Zajmi will work with young artists
After the activities at the Mikser Festival, models will walk the collection at the BAFE fashion show on June 6. The expert jury will award the best creation through the support to the realization of a fashion show at the upcoming BAFE festival, in agreement with the organizers

Young designers are invited to reuse second-hand clothes/old jeans, to rework them into new clothes. Instead of discarding old clothes, jeans or jackets, young innovative designers are invited to use creative ways to transform these materials into unique and fashionable pieces. Through cutting, reassembling and adding embellishments, upcycled jeans or old garments are given new life, reducing the need for new clothing or jeans production.

As the founder and director of Design Thinkers Albania and a successful artist, Raimonda uses her creativity to spark conversations about important topics. Her landmark art installation, “The Monster of Dictatorship” displayed in Tirana, reflects her commitment to art as a tool for expression and education. Raimonda is deeply committed to environmental issues, engaging young people in eco-educational projects that focus on environmental awareness, ethical fashion and consumerism. Since 2013, she has been running the Eco Fashion Show Albania™, collaborating with schools, universities and entrepreneurs to promote ethical fashion and waste reduction.

Balkan Art Fashion Event is a fashion and art event created for the purpose of promoting both the domestic and regional fashion scene and providing an opportunity for various talented individuals to present their creative and artistic vision to a wider audience, in their own unique way.

It will be held on May 23 and 25 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., while the flash mob is planned for 9 p.m. on Saturday.

Apply via this link.