The international project TeRRIFFICA, in which the Center for the Promotion of Science is one of the partners, analyzes the impact and proposes a new model dedicated to reducing the harmful effects of climate change. The goal of the TeRRIFICA project is the comprehensive integration of data, research and actions, in order to create a general overview of the situation in some parts of Europe, and one of those points is Belgrade. Versatile approaches that bring together the widest range of citizens, local activists, researchers, decision-makers and other engaged individuals aim to provide comprehensive guidelines for further combating climate change, adapting to changing circumstances and anticipating future developments.

As one of the innovative ways to involve more people in finding solutions to the challenges posed by climate change, the concept of Citizen Science is emerging, which means that the public together with scientists addresses a particular problem through data collection and analysis, interpretation of results, but also the development of new technologies and designed actions.