Modern consumer society strives for mass production and consumption in order to achieve its functional needs, but also in need of psychological nature for the apparent personal satisfaction caused by the influence of the media as a life goal and trend. Planet Earth is on the challenging task of survival due to a large amount of waste and pollution caused by the actions of all mankind, while the power of change lies in the change of consciousness by knowing the problems and the possibility of solutions, by each individual. The aim of the project is to encourage awareness of changes in the domain of fashion in order to preserve the environment and protect the future of planet Earth from excessive production, consumption, and rejection of clothing.



Sonja Jocic is a second-year doctoral student at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade (2019). She completed a Master of Fine Arts, with a specialization in fashion design at the “Swedish School of Textiles” in Borås, Sweden (2014). Before acquiring the master’s degree, she acquired the title of graduate fashion designer, at the High Textile Vocational School for Design, Technology and Management, in her hometown, Belgrade (2010). In addition to her academic education, she completed an internship at the fashion brand “Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair” in Stockholm, Sweden.