Mikser Festival 2015. / The Itch

The slogan “Itch” marked 2015. festival, representing an unstoppable force of uniting young and creative individuals to build a humane and modern society. The festival had more than a thousand participants from Serbia, the region, and the world. The art program highlighted the independent scene, with the presentation of cultural centers and movements from all over Serbia, which acquainted the audience with its vision of the state of “itch” and point out the importance of decentralization of the cultural scene. The emphasis was on the artistic form of the performance, as well as street art, within which the project New Colors of Belgrade was realized.

The core of the festival program is the newly established Balkan Design Network (BDN) initiative, with the idea to provide strategic support to the development and promotion of Balkan design, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of design in social and economic development processes.

The regional competition Young Balkan Designers was opened by Konstantin Grcic, a renowned industrial designer. The absolute star of the festival was the famous architect Rem Koolhaas.