Mikser Festival 2016. / Sensitive Society

Mikser Festival 2016. under the slogan “Sensitive Society” happened with the support of the EU Delegation to Serbia and the EU Info Center, was strongly colored by the themes of gender equality and women’s creativity, social equality, open dialogue, multiculturalism, and more efficient conflict resolution.

The audience was introduced to the visionary ideas of female authors, especially from the domain of architecture and design, which significantly contributed to the improvement of our everyday life, but their contribution remained insufficiently known or completely unknown.

Continuing the efforts carried out by Refugee Aid Miksalište since August 2015, the Mikser Festival 2016. dealt with the topics of integration of refugees into European society and humanization of the refugee crisis. Through various programs and competitions to design concepts for humanity in exile, the festival presented ways in which design can influence crisis resolution, through workshops presented the first steps in the integration process, while the exhibition program brought closer personal stories of people who go through our city to the audience.