Mikser Festival 2019. / Circles / Jubilee

The cultural organization Mikser in 2019. presented its jubilee, tenth edition of the Mikser Festival at a new location in Donji Dorćol.

“Circulate!” – the slogan of the jubilee festival, which returned to the regional scene after a year-long break – symbolized a strategic partnership with the United Nations Development Program – UNDP to launch the Circular Economy Platform in Serbia, which will open a new chapter in cultural networking, creative and IT sector with experts for sustainable development.

The heart of the festival was the great international conference “Shift”. Ready to share their rich experiences with colleagues from the Balkans through lectures, discussions, and workshops, the world-renowned innovator Gunter Pauli from Belgium – a member of the Club of Rome and author of the Blue Economy concept, Ladeja Godina Košir – a driving force of the circular economy of Slovenia, Central and Eastern Europe, Kari Harlevi – Director of the Circular Economy Department of the Fund for the Future of Finland – SITRA, Tjaša Ficko, Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana responsible for the Ljubljana Green Capital of Europe 2016. project, Dalibor Mijatović as Robin Food, and many others.