Mikser Festival 2020. / Oxygen

Mikser Festival 2020. under the slogan “Oxygen” was held in the natural environment of Zornica house, strongly colored by the atmosphere of the pandemic and finding innovative ways to establish social contacts and events in the new circumstances. The edition is designed as a ThinkThank gathering of experts, activists, and young talents who through discussions, lectures and workshops together thought about ways to “repair” our reality, in the direction of a healthy environment, circular economy, European legislation, and the Green Deal, gender equality, inclusion, and active aging, participatory urbanism, eco-design, engaged art, quality education, and free media. Program zones dedicated to design and art were an indispensable part of the festival this year through the participation of innovative designers of Mikser’s selection “Young Balkan Designers” who will be guests at the prestigious Milan Design Fair 2021, as well as the winners of the Black Box art competition who presented their visions of the monuments for the 21st century.