The series “Together” is inspired by the experience of separation from the people we love, the need to feel part of the community and share our everyday and important life moments with others. The author was guided by the moral of the Swedish saying/dictum/adage: Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief. In addition to the symbolism of “togetherness” that emotionally engages the user, the additional quality of the product is its sustainability. The product is durable and made of high-quality natural material. It is made by local craftsmen, whose skills are based on the local cultural heritage. Smaller pieces of wood discarded as waste in the furniture manufacturing process could be used for production.




George Bosnas was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1985. He studied furniture design and material technologies in the University of Thessalia, Greece and graduated with distinction and excellence in 2008. He continued his studies in Scuola Politecnica SPD, Milan with a Master’s course in industrial design in 2010. After his return to his homeland, he started his working career in the production section. His work focuses on furniture and industrial design. In 2014, he became a professor at Akto College, teaching industrial design courses. He has participated in some of the most important exhibitions such as ‘’100%DesignLondon’’, ‘’Salone Del Mobile’’ and ‘’Maison&Object’’.  In 2017 he won the Grand Prix Hirosaki Award.