The installation “Source of Hope” puts the audience in the foreground, and in some way, creates interactivity, considering that they have to make an effort to find an answer.

The author does not find hope in utopias, places of our imagination, but in the reality in which she sees the potential for creating something better, bigger. She believes that we can find hope in the reality we live in, we just need to know where to start looking, by changing our perceptions. She puts humans, a powerful and intelligent beings who see themselves as the creators of a better tomorrow, in the starting point of hope.

She tried to make the cone as high as possible to make it harder for most to reach. At the bottom of the cone would be a source of hope, a mirror. If the spectator managed to reach his height, he would see himself at the bottom of the cone.

She also sought to create a certain dose of intrigue of the audience and encourage their creativity to find a way to find the answer that lies hidden at the bottom of the installation.



Aurora Crnkovic is a student of Applied Arts in Rijeka, Croatia, she came to Belgrade to study in Erasmus.