Serbian actress has actively contributed to raising awareness and advocating for the preservation of natural resources. Along with hundreds of roles in film and theater, she was an assistant professor at the acting department at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts for three years, and a professor at the acting and directing department at the Academy of Arts in Belgarde, for eight years.

She is the owner of five Sterija awards for outstanding acting achievements, as well as the “Ljubinka Bobić”, “Žanka Stokić” and many other awards, and in 2023 she won the “Dobričin prsten” award, the highest acting award in the country.

While primarily known for her work in film and theater, Anita has also been involved in environmental causes. Through her public presence and engagement in initiatives that address environmental issues, Anita Mančić plays a significant role in raising awareness and fighting for the preservation of natural resources in Serbia.

Anita is actively engaged in humanitarian work, through individual actions, and has been participating in the Radionica Integracije (Integration Workshop) for years – where she works with children and teenagers with Down syndrome, helping them present their experience of the world through dramatic situations, movement and music.

In December 2023, Anita stood up for the Belgrade Fair by leading the “March for the Fair”, the first protest walk for the preservation of this significant architectural and construction complex.

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