Iva Čukić, an architect and academic, has made significant contributions to defending citizens’ rights to the city. Through her work, she has advocated for the protection of citizens’ rights of equality and human dignity in Serbia. Iva’s efforts align with the goal of ultimately safeguarding these fundamental rights within urban spaces. Her work not only focuses on the physical aspects of architecture but also on the social implications and the rights of individuals within the urban environment. By emphasizing the importance of citizens as creators of the state and their rights within it, Iva highlights the vital connection between space, law, and citizen empowerment. Overall, Iva Čukić’s dedication to defending citizens’ rights to the city underscores the intersection between architecture, urban planning, and human rights advocacy.

She actively works with the community – supporting local initiatives in their efforts to address spatial issues and contribute to socio-political change in line with the principles of social justice. In 2010, she co-founded, and today she leads, the collective Ministry of Space (Ministarstvo prostora), which aims to contribute to the democratic and just development of cities. When it comes to her academic career, Iva is engaged as a guest lecturer at many Universities in Europe and abroad such as TU Berlin, ETH, MIT, Oxford, Architectural Association School of Architecture London, etc. Iva is a member of the Laboratory for the Planning Culture and Spatial Policies Design, led by prof. Dr Marija Maruna, at the Department of Urban Planning, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) included her in the book “100 Women: Architects in Practice” which represents a selection of female architects from around the world, distinguished by their professional contribution to the general good of society and the improvement of the environment. She is a member of the Advisory board of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Vienna, the board of the Guerrilla Foundation in Germany, the board of the Trag Foundation and the Chair of the board of Jelena Šantić Foundation, both in Serbia.

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