A prominent journalist, has made significant contributions to the topics of gender and equality through her work. She is known for her involvement in initiatives like the “Female journalists against violence towards women” group, where she collaborates with other journalists to address issues related to gender-based violence in media reporting. Jovana and her colleagues have been instrumental in advocating for ethical reporting on gender-based violence, emphasizing the importance of focusing on how news affects women survivors and their families. Through their efforts, they have influenced positive changes in media reporting practices, such as reducing sensationalism-dominated reports and shifting away from justifying violence or questioning victims’ accounts. Their work has led to the development of guidelines for ethical reporting on gender-based violence and has sparked discussions on improving standards in newsrooms. Jovana Gligorijević’s dedication to promoting responsible journalism and advocating for gender equality continues to have a meaningful impact on media practices in Serbia.

She is co-author of the Guidelines for ethical reporting on gender-based violence and the media literacy manual for teachers published by the Media Association of Serbia.

When awarding the Award for Investigative Journalism “Dejan Anastasijević” for her text “Sexual Violence in the Petnica Research Station: A Conspiracy of Silence That Lasted a Long Time”, the jury pointed out: “Jovana Gligorijević set a professional and ethical standard that anyone who is engaged in journalism – especially investigative journalism – should never forget. Her text is precise and clear, the phenomena are called by their real name without favoring any interest group, the topic is dealt with exclusively in the public interest, any sensationalism is excluded, and the protection of victims, that needs to be emphasized, in a way that is almost never recorded in the journalistic practice of Serbia.”

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