Music educator who uses music to develop knowledge, skills and empathy among people. She is the founder of the “Svi UGLAS” platform, which uses music to empower Romani children and youth, but also involves the whole society in joint artistic creation with the Roma community, creating opportunities for intercultural exchange and learning.

Through her work, Maya promotes social inclusion and encourages people to connect, emphasizing the importance of emotions as a driving force for learning.

Maja is the co-founder of the Art Aparat association, which was created with the idea that we can learn much more through music than to sing or play an instrument – according to her, it can be a platform for getting to know ourselves and others, it teaches us to be gentle and open, and choral singing, which she uses most often in her work, contributes to creating community which is based on support, solidarity and togetherness. Art Aparat today brings together audio-visual artists as well as experts in the field of psychology, youth work and other complementary fields, who work together to develop programs that use music as a tool for learning, psycho-social empowerment and creating inclusive communities.

Maja graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Department of Music Pedagogy. As a composer, she is the author of music for theater and ballet performances, films, video works, art installations, animated series and TV commercials.


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